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Nutrition. Wellness. Training. We're here to help.

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About Us

It is our mission to connect companion parrot owners with reliable, evidence-based resources to help them manage all of the complexities of "parronthood." Here at Nerdy Bird Collective, we specialize in parrot nutrition, training, and complex behavior management.

What Bird Owners Say

"Very Professional"

"Stephanie was wonderful with our four green cheek conures and is obviously passionate about this work! She was thorough in learning about each member of our flock and took time to understand flock relationships and dynamics. Each bird received individual attention and a customized training regimen. We are thrilled with how much our birds have already learned and now have a solid base to continue training for years to come."

Brandon and Coreen

"Kind & Loving"

"Some time ago I decided that I wanted a Galah. I decided to reach out to Emily and she was quick to respond which was nice. I had a million questions and she answered them all. Emily continues to do research in order to advocate for her bird, the birds of her clients, and even those she hasn't met. She is really knowledgeable about nutrition, training, and exercise of birds. Emily didn't make me feel guilty or inadequate for my lack of knowledge, but rather encouraged me and made me feel more confident about my own. 


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