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About Us

It is our mission to connect companion parrot owners with reliable, evidence-based resources to help them manage all of the complexities of "parronthood." Here at Nerdy Bird Collective, we specialize in parrot nutrition, but also cover topics ranging from trick training to behavior management. Click our pictures to learn more about the women behind Nerdy Bird Collective.

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About S

Stephanie Rosenbloom

Stephanie’s enthusiasm for parrots began when her parents brought home Coco the cockatiel when she was 5 years old. Inspired by Coco, Stephanie became immensely interested in subjects ranging from paleontology to wildlife biology and zoology. Over the years, Stephanie’s scientific interests grew to include chemistry, and in 2016, she acquired her Bachelor of Science in Chemistry from The Pennsylvania State University. Motivated by a curiosity for discovery, Stephanie went on to obtain her Ph.D. in Chemistry from Cornell University. During this time, Stephanie’s passion for companion parrots developed into one for parrot nutrition and behavior science. Stephanie’s Ph.D. afforded her with critical thinking and research skills which she applies to parrot training and dietary recommendations. She promotes evidence-based training methods that are rooted in an understanding of parrot behavior and the factors that influence it. Stephanie utilizes a science-based approach to parrot training, enabling utilization of methods beyond pure positive reinforcement to effectively manage behavior. She believes that no one diet fits all birds, and that a "proper diet" is one that takes into account factors such as species, age, fitness, environment, and health history to meet the nutritional requirements of the parrot. Stephanie shares her life with her Alexandrine parrot, Petrie, affectionately named after the Pterodactyl from a favorite childhood movie, The Land Before Time. You can follow their journey on instagram (@petrie.the.tiny.dinosaur) and check out Stephanie's other links here

About E

Emily Shoemaker

Emily is a lifelong avian fan with her bird obsession starting at the age of only 4 years old when she received her first cockatiel for Christmas. Her fascination with birds grew as she learned to appreciate the unique intelligence associated with the avian species, the miracle of flight isolated to birds, and the special bond that can be developed by bird and owner unlike any other bond formed with other domesticated pets. Later on, as Emily’s pining for a bird gew, she unexpectedly purchased a Galah cockatoo instead of the small low maintenance budgie she intended on. Ever since, she has been navigating and researching the best ways to care for her feathered friend and has dedicated her time to sharing with the world what she has learned. Emily has been an inspiration for prospective bird owners to convey the complexities of bird life and facilitating an environment to keep both bird and owner at their peak. She is extremely excited to be sharing in a more formalized avenue one of the pillars to creating this great relationship through nutrition. 

Emily’s bird obsession began at 4 years old when she met a pet cockatiel at a mom and pop hardware store. Her mom saw how much joy and love this little cockatiel brought, and decided to bring one home for Christmas.  Emily’s appreciation and love of birds grew ever since. Emily has always been taken by how unique birds are from the rest of the animal kingdom. Birds are soft and fluffy but not mammalian, scaly and egg laying but not reptilian…they are extremely intelligent and almost seem to have a clearer understanding or awareness with human companions than any other common pet. In 2018, Emily impulse bought a Galah. Little did she know, this decision would change the rest of her life. In the 4 years of having Bogie, she has discovered an amazing community online and and shares her expierecnes on what her life looks like with Bogie the galah. She has a strong passion for helping fellow parrot owners learn how to properly take care of their feathered friends in both diet and behavior. Emily has a natural ability to connect with people to understand their goals, wants and needs. She understands what it is like to be a newer bird owner and how overwhelming it can be and assists people in pivotal first steps to build a strong and healthy connection between man and bird.   Emily now strives to spread knowledge to the rest of the bird community and has recently realized how avian nutrition is one of the most important aspects of happily living with parrots, yet the one of the most heavily misunderstood topics in the companion parrot world. She seeks to help others make optimal decisions in training and diet based on research and scientific evidence.

 Birds You can follow Emily's journey with Bogie on instagram (@bogiethegalah) and also on youtube here.

About G

Gabby Klinge

Gabby is the person behind the art at Nerdy Bird Collective as well as a research contributor. She studied Civil engineering at Lakehead University, having a short lived engineering career in project management. Gabby is almost completely a self taught artist, having picked up oil painting while procrastinating final exams in her sophomore year, and eventually taking classes online and venturing into the digital art space. Gabby has always had a passion for working with animals, from large farm animals to dogs to reptiles. She got her first bird, a rescued lovebird, in 2018. Ever since, her life and art has revolved around birds. She later adopted a severe macaw and two cockatiels. Gabby loves to learn and makes it her goal to continually improve the lives of her animals with research. You can follow Gabby's journey on instagram (@porkyhog).

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