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Psittacine Science

A citizen science program designed to help us learn together, from each other.



What is citizen science?​


Citizen science is essentially the involvement of the public in scientific research. Citizen science programs have helped scientists with anything from tracking marine debris, to learning about bird migration patterns, to environmental conservation efforts.

What is Psittacine Science?​

Psittacine (pronounced SIT-UH-SEEN) is the taxonomic name for parrot. A play on "Citizen Science," Stephanie founded Psittacine Science with the goal of involving members of the companion parrot community in collecting data to help expand our understanding of topics ranging from parrot nutrition to behavior problems. Excited by this endeavor, Emily became our first ambassador!

What motivates Psittacine Science?

Too often as companion parrot owners, we come across conflicting answers to our parrot-related questions. As with anything else out there on the internet, scientifically backed research can be easily distorted, misunderstood, or buried beneath a plethora of misguided information. Our Psittacine Science programs are designed to help combat this very issue by only ever presenting evidence-based findings supported by both scientific literature and the results compiled from our surveys completed by members of the companion parrot community. Furthermore, we recognize that "parronthood" is not without significant challenges, and can feel incredibly isolating at times. It is our mission to help unite the companion parrot community so that when the going gets tough, we know that we aren't in it alone.


Sounds great! How can I get involved?

There are so many ways to become involved in Psittacine Science, but the best way is to partake in our Psittacine Science Surveys. Participation in our surveys is critical for the success of Psittacine Science, so please help us spread the word! Our surveys are designed to be quick to fill out and are always 100% anonymous. Though surveys are kept open for a significant amount of time, the running results will be shared periodically here (the exact timing is dependent on the number of survey responses).

I have an idea for a new Psittacine Science survey

Great! We are always thinking of new survey ideas and LOVE hearing input from community members! Feel free to reach out to us using our contact form or by directly e-mailing us at

Can avian professionals or academic affiliates help?

Totally! ALL members of the parrot community (companion parrot owners, avian veterinarians, trainers, behavior consultants, researchers, etc.) are welcome here! We are always looking to bring in new perspectives and elevate Psittacine Science to the next level. Feel free to reach out to us using our contact form or by directly e-mailing us at

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